first date

First date: Which food dishes would cook?

Are you going to surprise your online date inviting her to have a dinner?

From online dating to offline

Don’t follow more, this article will give you the solution to your problem. First of all, invite him or her to have a date out of the dating site that you are flirting. Let’s get this real! But if you don’t have that special person to invite, online dating is the best way to find it. If you are in Spain or any Spanish speaking language, try Fuego de vida or whatch some reviews like this: You would find what you are looking for but without loosing your time like at the disco at saturday night.

Here you have some ideas of easy cooking recipe. You can do it yourself and no for much money. You get surprise to your date. A part to the food dishes that we are going to prepare, we have to be aware that all small detail it’s important to be a perfect and unforgettable dinner. Let’s prepare the table like must have. Use correct illumination which you can see the dishes but that be faint. This are some of food dishes you can prepare in your house. It’s easy and fast:


  • Heart anchovy: Buy a molds in form of heart. Caught some bread slices previously toasted and cut it with mold to be become in heart form. If you haven’t a mold you can cut it with knife, but it looks worst. Later, buy a blister of anchovy in salt that you can buy in each supermarket and a blister of butter or white fresh cheese and add 4 tablespoon of butter or cheese. Mixture the ingredients with a mixer or a mortar until blended. Spread the toast in heart form with product obtained and decorate it with a mint leaf at the top.
  • Cheese and jam canapés. Make little toasts. Later, add it a rasher of goat cheese and tomato jam in the top. So, get into the oven all about 6 minutes to 360ºF and get out. You have yet this sample and tasty food.

Main dish

  • Noodles with cheese sauce: Buy normal noodles and a blister of Roquefort cheese and a brick of milk. Cook the noodles. Later, heat the milk in a saucepan and add a little of oil and before get boiling, add the cheese inside and move it until melted and dissolved with the milk. After, serving noodles in dishes with a circle mold to be more esthetic. Add the sauce in the noodles. To the end, add a mint leaf. And in a cornet, sprinkle a little of paprika to get the dish colorful. It is sample dish, powerful, cheap and ‘made in yourself’.
  • Buy peeled pumpkin in each supermarket and let it boil or bake it. Before, add a half liter of milk in a recipient, oil, salt and a boil potato and beat it, suddenly, add the pumpkin. Pass through a food mill to remove the wires that could be in the pure, if you don’t have a food mill, you can use a stainer. Serve it cold and add basil to make this dish so colorful.


  • Use a cup of Martini of glass. In the background add a sugar tablespoon. After a layer of Philadelphia’s cheese, another of strawberry or raspberry jam and the last one layer of liquid chocolate with milk. You can do it yourself with a Nestlé chocolate tablet and a little of milk in the microwave. An easy dessert and fast to do it, that will look beautiful to see the colors of the different sheet by the glass.